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The region of Emilia-Romagna in central Italy is known for its rich history that includes art, culture, and culinary traditions. Emilia Romagna includes the cities of Parma, Modena, and Bologna. For more information about Northern Italy tours that include this beautiful area click here.
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Channel Program City Description
Travel Strada Cavour Parma Parma Parma Strada Cavour near Piazza Duomo is shopping street full of boutiques perfect for finding unique gifts from Parma.
Travel Italy Travel Emilia Romagna Emilia-Romagna Italy Travel to Emilia Romagna to visit famous destinations Parma, Modena, Bologna and less known towns all known world wide for their art, culture, food makes an Emilia Romagna Italy vacation the per...hover to read more
Cooking Italian Cooking Show: Risotto with Gorgonzola Parma Italian Cooking Show: Risotto with Gorgonzola cheese prepared by by Academia Barilla chef Matteo Carboni of the Academia Barilla culinary institute for Italian Cooking Show.
Cooking Italian Cooking Show; Parmigiano Reggiano Mousse with Pears Parma Italian Cooking Show; Parmigiano Reggiano Mousse with Pears Italian recipe prepared by Academia Barilla chef Matteo Carboni of the Academia Barilla culinary institute this elegant dessert is good for ...hover to read more
Cooking Italian Cooking Show: Spaghetti with Vegetable Sauce Pasta Recipe Parma Italian Cooking Show how to cook Spaghetti with vegetable sauce pasta recipe the perfect spring and summer pasta recipe by Chef Matteo Carboni from the culinary institute Academia Barilla for Italian ...hover to read more
Arts The Great Theaters of Parma Parma Teatro Regio & Teatro Farnese two stunning examples of Italians' dedication to arts. Parma's centro storico visit Parma's great theaters Teatro Farnese & Teatro Regio.
Food Prosciutto di Parma (Italian) Parma Prosciutto di Parma is ham produced in Parma Italy since Etruscan times is considered the king of cured ham (prosciutto)because of the locations affect on the ham curing that makes it Prosciutto di Pa...hover to read more
Travel Italy Vacation with Isabella Dusi: Parma Parma Italy vacation with Isabella Dusi Parma centro storico full program visit Piazza Garibaldi, Parma's great theaters, the baptistry, and Parma's Strada Cavour for shopping in Parma.
Travel Piazza della Pace Parma Parma Piazza della Pace is the peace plaza in Parma and also contains Palazzo della Pillotta, a grand palace now left in ruins after being bombed during World War II. Inside is the Farnese theater, Teatro R...hover to read more
Food Modena Fresh Market Modena Fresh seasonal local ingredients from Emilia Romagna fill this lunch time hot spot.
Fashion Maserati Quarttroporte 2009 Modena Maserati Quarttroporte 2009
Sports Maserati Coupe 2008 GranTurismo S Modena GranTurismo S, fastest production car by Maserati, was unveiled at 2008 Geneva Motor Show. WebVisionItaly-produced driving Maserati 2008 driving footage.
Fashion Maserati Granturismo Modena Maserati Granturismo
Trade Maserati Birdcage 75 Modena Maserati Birdcage 75th, Pininfarina collaboration with Maserati, marked by the great international success of the Quattroporte, is celebrated with this rolling hi-tech sculpture that evokes a new futu...hover to read more
Sports Ferrari P4/5 Modena The Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina is a one-off commissioned by James Glickenhaus, the American collector with a yen for the legendary racing cars of the Sixties.
Fashion On The Runway - Carmen Fagnoli Emilia-Romagna Fashion show: Carmen Fagnoli shows her latest designs.
Arts World of Design: Massimo Sansavini Interview Emilia-Romagna SANSAVINI is a sculptor, he made his works as big wood puzzle, painted with colors, and after re-painted with shining spray and other materials.
Fashion World of Fashion: Carmen Fagnoli Interview Emilia-Romagna Fashion designer Carmen Fagnoli discusses her Haute Couture Women 2007 collection.
Food Piacenza: coppa, salami and pancetta. Piacenza Piacenza is the sole city to have three PDO salamis: coppa, salami and pancetta. The special climate and the ancient craft are the secrets of the quality of these local products representing the Itali...hover to read more
Food Bologna Caffe and Coffee Bologna
Arts Mosaics from 5th C. Ravenna
Food Osteria Francescana Modena Osteria Francescana in Modena is contemporary restaurant considered one of the finest culinary experiences in the world.
Arts Art & Culture of Emilia Romagna Emilia-Romagna Striking architecture, world's finest mosaics, high performance sports cars, the region is full of treasures to discover.
Travel Emilia Romagna Aerial Tour Emilia-Romagna Emilia Romagna, Giuseppe Verdi’s birthplace, is one of the best-loved and known regions of the world. Since Roman times with the Emilian Way and the Via Francigena, it has stood as a land of gr...hover to read more
Trade Ferrari, Tiles & Vinegar Modena Maranello the queen of engines, Sassuolo famous for tile manufacture, Spilamberto, the home of balsamic vinegar, Castelnuovo Rangone famed for its excellent salami and cold pork meats is worth a monum...hover to read more
Food What is Prosciutto di Parma Parma What is Prosciutto di Parma ham? Prosciutto is ham cured with air & salt only natural organic ham. Prosciutto di Parma a protected Italian food is Prosciutto ham cured in Parma, Prosciutto di Parma co...hover to read more
Food Emilia Romagna: In the Food Valley with Francine Segan Emilia-Romagna Prepare your taste buds and travel with Francine Segan along the #ViaEmilia, through what has been dubbed Food Valley. You will discover the making of the worldwide famous region's specialities (such ...hover to read more
Food Emilia Romagna Food Emilia-Romagna Emilia Romagna: traditions and flavors from two historically separate regions, each with its own rich culinary culture. Many of its products are symbols of our country: from Reggiano Parmesan cheese t...hover to read more
Food Modena Food Tour Modena Tour around Modena on an Italian Food tour from the world's culinary capital. Most famous of its balsamic vinegar, prosciutto, parmiggiano the region is a food mecca. To plan your own Italy trip clic...hover to read more
Food Food of Modena Modena
Travel 36 Hours in Bologna Bologna
Cooking Italian Cooking Show: Tiramisu Parma Italian Cooking Show: Tiramisù prepared by Academia Barilla culinary institute Chef Matteo Carboni. Tiramisù is an airy mélange of ladyfingers dipped in a coffee mixture, layered with soft ma...hover to read more
Cooking Italian Cooking Show: Eggplant and Prosciutto di Parma Italian Recipe Parma Italian Cooking Show presents Eggplant rolled with Prosciutto di Parma Italian cooking recipe by Academia Barilla for the Italian Cooking Show.
Food Sliced Prosciutto di Parma Parma Prosciutto di Parma, an organic naturally cured ham product is sliced & packaged in Parma guaranteed natural organic ham prosciutto without additives. Prosciutto di Parma, smooth & silky tasting ham i...hover to read more
Food What is Parmigiano Reggiano Parma Parmigiano Reggiano how to produce "King" of all cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano is protected food product of origin from Parma. Parmigiano Reggiano video of the process how to produce Parmigiano Reggiani...hover to read more
Travel Piazza Garibaldi Parma Parma Piazza Garibaldi, Parma was site of Etruscan city, then 183 BC Roman colony, Piazza Garibaldi Parma was the Roman Forum and today is the center of Parma caffe life. When you travel to Parma enjoy the ...hover to read more
Arts Il Duomo di Parma and Parma Baptistry Parma Parma Il Duomo & Parma Baptistry is the "Dome" of Parma. Parma Baptistry is most important Medieval monuments in Europe. Parma's central cathedral Dome Correggio painted Assumption of the Virgin insid...hover to read more
Arts Luciano Pavarotti Tribute Modena Luciano Pavarotti Documentary
Food Prosciutto di Parma Parma Prosciutto di Parma Italian protected ham cured with organic natural salt. What is Prosciutto di Parma? Organic natural Parma ham DOCG Italy-approved is hind leg of farm fed pig with maize, barley, & ...hover to read more

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