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The region of Piedmont (Piemonte) Italy is known for its fine wine tasting, skiing, hiking, truffle hunting and cooking tours. The capital of Piedmont is Turin. Piedmont is surrounded on three sides by the Alps. It borders with France, Switzerland and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Liguria, Aosta Valley and for a very small fragment with Emilia Romagna. For more about traveling to Northern Italy click here.
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Channel Program City Description
Sports Alfa Romeo Spider 2009 Piedmont Alfa Romeo Spider 2009 Paris Car Show 2009
Sports Alfa Romeo 8C Piedmont Alfa Romeo 8C Luxury Italy Lifestyle 8C Competizione Spider at the Geneva Motor Show 2008 (March 6-16). The sports car is equipped 4.7 litre 8 cylinder top power of 450bhp at 7,000rpm, peak torque of ...hover to read more
Sports Bardonecchia Turin One of the sites of the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics with many winter and summer sports facilities.
Sports Mountains of Piedmont Turin Skiing among the snow-capped peaks and the breath-taking scenery
Sports Sports in the Olympic Valleys Turin Visit the Olympic Valleys in the winter and summer
Sports Sestriere Turin A place for all seasons: skiing and summer sports
Travel Cesana Turin A renowned area for winter and summer sports, sightseeing, and travel
Sports Piedmont People Piedmont Juve and Toro with the legend of Granata (the nickname of Torino F.C.) and Grande Torino (the historic Torino F.C. team of the 1940s): a piece of Italian football history. In the Langhe the game of "p...hover to read more
Trade Piedmont Experience Piedmont Over 150 years of Italy unity. The rebirth of Italian industry with Fiat, Olivetti and Sip. Creating, seeing, eating, thinking in Piedmont. 400 museums, the international book fair, the Piedmont of TV...hover to read more
Travel Piedmont Nature Piedmont Hundreds of parks, oases, natural reserves: the Gran Paradiso of nature. A region with green parks, white snow and red wine. Italy begins here!
Food Food of Piedmont Turin Piedmont: at the foot of the mountains. Among the region’s products, its rice, farmed in the Novara and Vercelli areas. The three B’s of Piedmont’s wines: Barbera, Barolo and Barb...hover to read more
Food Chocolate History in Piedmont Turin The long journey of chocolate from the "new world" to the "old continent". Its new life in the hands of Italian chocolatiers. The meeting with hazelnuts from Piedmont and the creation of local product...hover to read more
Food Turin's Chocolate Turin Turin, hometown of the greatest and most creative chocolatiérs, is where the famous “gianduiotto” was born.
Travel Piedmont Aerial View Piedmont Piedmont on the fly. From the Sacra di San Michele at the entrance of Val di Susa, up until the magnificent scenes of the Langhe and Roero countryside, which together with Monferrato have been declare...hover to read more
Arts Piedmont Culture Piedmont Savoy residences, abodes, thrones, cathedrals, churches. The solemn elegance of a royal region. But Piedmont also has Roman, Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
Travel Piedmont and its Cities Piedmont Turin, where history is preserved in 40 museums. Asti, the town where sparkling wine comes from. The countryside of Langhe and Monferrato. Cuneo, famous for Barolo wine and truffles. Vercelli, with it...hover to read more
Travel Italy Travel Piedmont Piedmont Italy travel to the region of Piedmont for an exquisite Italy vacation. Mountains, food and wine among lovely cultural destination make this a favorite destination for Italy travel.
Travel Royal House of Savoy Residences Turin Italy travel to Turin to visit Royal House of Savoy Residences. The Royal Savoy color of blue is where the Azzurri name is derived. Visit the Royal House of Savoy Residences on your Italy vacation.
Food Historical Caffes of Turin Turin Caffes of Turin famous for style & tradition where famous writers sipped Bicerin at Caffè al Bicerin and many other caffes in Turin.
Food The Pleasure of Chocolate Turin Chocolate northern Italian-style

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