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Veneto is the Italian region most visited by tourists. it is no surprise with treasures like Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Dolomite mountain areas, in addition to Venice. Venice vacation ideas click Venice tour packages for a land-based Venice vacation and for a cruise click Venice cruises and travel to Italy with the best Italy travel agents Italian Tourism.
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How to Ride the Boats in Venice Venice Busing around Venice by boat shows how to ride the boats in Venice. Travel in Venice among the archipelago of 100 islands makes Venice a favorite Italy vacation.
The Gondoliers & Gondolas of Venice Venice Gondolier in Venice is a 900 year old fraternity. The first female gondolier joined the fraternity in June 2009. See video for more about the gondoliers and the gondolas in Venice.
Venice Lagoon Venice Founded in the 6th century Venice was the world's most powerful city by the 15th century when the merchants of Venice made Venice a famous commercial center. Venice lagoon is an archipelago of over 10...hover to read more
Italy Vacation with Isabella Dusi - Padua Vacation Padua Italy Vacation with Isabella Dusi to Veneto canal city close to Venice but often overlooked, Padua (Padovaa). Padua is an an excellent pre- or post-cruise destination after a Venice cruise vacation.
Italy Vacation with Isabella Dusi - Venice Vacation Venice Italy Vacation with Isabella Dusi - Venice Vacation we visit Piazza San Marco, then we float in a gondola under the bridge of sighs before visiting Murano for glass on this Venice vacation.
Italy Vacation with Isabella Dusi - Vicenza Vicenza Italy Vacation with Isabella Dusi we visit Vicenza in the region of Veneto. Vicenza is excellent day trip from Venice or destination after a Venice cruise.
Palazzo Ducale and the Bridge of Sighs Venice The Doge's Palace constructed b/w 1309 - 1424, most visible facades look towards the Venetian Lagoon and St Mark's Square, or rather the Piazzetta. Since the sixteenth century the palace has been link...hover to read more
Piazza San Marco Venice Venice St. Mark's Square Venice (Piazza San Marco) is the only Piazza in Venice, and is surrounded by the Grand Canal, Doge's Palace and Basilcia di San Marco.
The Adige River and the Ponte Pietra Verona Verona travel Adige River, Teatro Romano Roman Theater of Verona & the Museo Archeologico, a magical spot to see a perfromance in Verona, and the Ponte Pietra Verona.
Piazza dei Signori Verona Verona's aristocracy passeggiata to be seen in the Piazza dei Signori, Verona. Piazza dei Signori is also known as Piazza Dante for Dante's sculpture in the center, who after he left Florence stayed i...hover to read more
Piazza delle Erbe Verona Piazza delle Erbe center of life in Verona since ancient Romans were in Verona.
Romeo and Juliet Verona Romeo and Juliet balcony in Verona popular Verona wedding spot made famous by Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers.
Bo University - Padua Padua Padua's University, Bo University and Palazzo del Bò is at the center of Padua.
Prato della Valle Statue Padua Padua, Padova in Italian, huge square lined by 78 statues portraying famous Padua citizens, known as Prato della Valle Statues.
The Basilica of San Antonio Padua Saint of Lost and Found, Donatello's magnificent equestrian statue of the Venetian general Gattamelata (Erasmo da Narni) was cast in 1453, and was the first full-size equestrian bronze cast since anti...hover to read more
Veneto Aerial Tour Veneto Flying over the Veneto region, you will be fascinated by its contrasts: the Dolomite mountains, a Unesco world heritage site, the rolling expanses of vineyards, the plateau of the Sette Comuni, the Ve...hover to read more
Veneto and its Cities Veneto Let your eyes roam over the beauty of Venice to the Po Delta at Rovigo. Stop in Vicenza, the home of Palladio, then take a break in Treviso and in Verona, with its Arena. Continue on to the Dolomites ...hover to read more
Veneto Nature Veneto A coastline with sandy beaches. The Colli Euganei literary and nature park, with the poetry of Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch). The Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage site. The spa waters. A natural settin...hover to read more
Images of Verona Verona The very first vestiges date back to the 4th century b. C.. The Adige River flows through the city and offers a truly fine sight. The territory is optimal for the cultivation of vineyards and apple tr...hover to read more
Italy vacation with Isabella Dusi - Verona Vacation Verona Italy vacation with Isabella Dusi we travel Italy Veneto region to Verona, the town made famous by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. Verona is Venice day trip or shore excursion and may be home base fo...hover to read more
Venetian People Veneto Antonio Vivaldi, Carlo Goldoni, Titian. Three of the great artists born in this region. And in Venice, the region’s matchless capital, the colours of Carnival masks and of all the festivals tha...hover to read more

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