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Metaponto Beach

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Basilicata Italy travel includes art like Mosaic making, Italy beaches, and exploring the ancient cultures that made their home along the coast of the Italic peninsula. The history of this area is rich due to its location at the cross roads of ancient Greek, Roman, Oriental, and North African civilizations. For more about trips to Southern Italy and Basilicata visit ItalianTourism.us by clicking here.
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Travel Italy Travel Basilicata Basilicata Italy travel to Basilicata for an off the beaten path Italy vacation with beautiful sea and beaches, mountains, and wonderful organic foods from the Ionian coast make Basilicata a fantastic destinatio...hover to read more
Travel Sassi Park of Rupestrian Churches Matera Sassi Park of Rupestrain Churches dates to 6th century when Christians came here to preserve their knowledge and practice their faith. This is also the site of many Hollywood movies including Mel Gibs...hover to read more
Travel Basilicata Overview Basilicata Beautiful undiscovered Basilicata in southern Italy is an off-the-beaten path Italy vacation destination.
Travel Port of Maratea Maratera From the sea to the sky in beautiful Maratea.
Hotel Basilicata Hotel: Hotel Gabbiano Maratera Basilicata Hotel: Hotel Gabbiano enjoy sand, surf and seafood on the edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Hotel Gabbiano in Maratea is a wonderful stop on a Basilicata Italy vacation.
Festivals Girls of Summer Metaponto Beach Sea, sand and bikini clad girls.
Travel Tavole Palatine Bernalda Bernalda sits above the Basento river. The history of the center is tied to the Greek and lucani takeovers.
Travel Tavole Palatine Basilicata Italy travel to Bernalda, sitting above the Basento river. The history of the center is tied to the Greek and Lucani takeovers. Bernalda is an off the beaten path Italy vacation destination.
Travel Brienza Brienza Rich in Medieval architecture, Brienza is a little town in Basilicata's Potenza province.
Festivals Rituals of the Barrel to Passion Basilicata Born from Byzantine, Greek and Christian traditions.
Festivals Sfilata Turchi Basilicata Celebration in the month May, featuring an army of angels.
Travel Rupestral Churches Matera Churches are rock structures, cavelike and unique.
Festivals Festa della Madonna della Bruna Basilicata Patron saint of Matera, this festival was institued in 1380.
Festivals Pignola's La Uglia Basilicata Celebration for the Madonna of the Marsh: Flames, local bands and the young!
Festivals Saint Lorenzo Martire Basilicata Festival in honor of S Lorenzo Martire occurs on September 9.
Travel Sassi di Matera Matera A city carve of rocks with strong spicy food and rich wines.
Festivals Saint Maria di Pierno Basilicata A celebration: Sausage, cheese and the Confession of Sin.
Food Cheese Basilicata The making of a local cheese.
Food Il Ristoro del Milionario Maratera Millionaire becomes Restaurateur overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Often mispelled Tyrannian Sea.
Travel Matera Matera Known for its Troglodyte Settlement and its Rupestri Churches, this area is rich in religious and cult history.
Food Food of Basilicata Basilicata Basilicata. Two seas, the Tyrrhenian and Ionian. Its lakes and its mineral waters. Its 'zafaran', peppers hung to dry 'in serte', and the wine, L’Aglianico. The bread of Matera and the 'luganeg...hover to read more
Travel Basilicata and Its Cities Basilicata Crystal-clear sea and kilometres of white sand characterize Pisticci, which lies on the Ionian Sea, and Maratea, the Tyrrhenian Sea's pearl. Potenza, capital of the region, encompasses the National A...hover to read more
Arts Basilicata Culture Basilicata Basilicata's territory stretches out between the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian sea. The region is an archaeological reserve of immense historical interest including treasures such as the Stones of Matera,...hover to read more
Travel Basilicata Aerial Tour Basilicata From being the land of exile and of robbers to become the perfect set for films. And its double name, Basilicata and Lucania, indicates an ancient vocation, intertwined with the history of its places....hover to read more
Travel Basilicata and its People Basilicata Many exceptional minds have contributed to the region's cultural background. Pythagoras lived and died in Metaponto. Horace, born in Lucania, was one of the greatest poets in ancient Roman times. Las...hover to read more
Arts The sculptors from Matera Matera Matera is one of the most fascinating places in the world. The Sassi, a World Heritage Site, tells the thousand-year old history of mankind. For centuries, these dwellings were carved out of stone. T...hover to read more
Travel Basilicata: Land between earth and sky Basilicata Basilicata: a region where history is counted in thousands of years. Its mountains, which gradually descend to the sea, house treasures left by the ancient Greeks. A pristine landscape, where old haml...hover to read more
Travel Basilicata Nature Basilicata Ancient writers as well as modern film-directors have always described Basilicata as a charming and fascinating land. For example the Pollino Park is the largest natural protected area in Italy where...hover to read more
Food Basilicate: Flavors from its organic land Basilicata The Basilicata offers typical products that include all of the flavours of the land. Cruschi Peppers, dried and fried, are crunchy and are perfect to toss with pasta. Matera bread is a testimony of a...hover to read more
Food Basilicata Water Springs Basilicata Basilicata is a region with widely varying landscapes, characterized by the many springs which originate in the mountains and flow into the area’s numerous lakes. The water from this region is ...hover to read more

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