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Valle d'Aosta is a mountainous semi-autonomous region in northwestern Italy. It is bordered by Rhône-Alpes, France to the west, Switzerland to the north and the Italian region of Piedmont to the south and east. This destination is a popular spot for Italy ski vacations, cooking tours in Italy, and more. For more about Italy vacation packages to Valle d'Aosta click here.
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Cooking Italian Cooking Show: Costolette D'Agnello con Polenta Italian Recipe Valle d'Aosta Italian Cooking Show Costolette D'Agnello con Polenta Chef Mario Camia Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables, Miami Florida shows how to cook rack of lamb stuffed with fontina cheese & sage, seared then cooked ...hover to read more
Cooking Italian Cooking Show: Flan di Spinaci con Fonduta Italian Recipe Valle d'Aosta Italian Cooking Show Flan di Spinaci con Fonduta with Italy America Chamber of Commerce Southeast. Chef Mario Camia Fontana Restaurant Biltmore Hotel prepares authentic Italian recipe flan di spinaci ...hover to read more
Travel Valle d'Aosta Valle d'Aosta Valle d'Aosta in northern Italy set in the Alps is well know for its picturesque villages, mountains, grappa, and wine.
Food Food from Valle d'Aosta Valle d'Aosta Land of authentic and unique foods. From a pristine environment and lots of passion come cheeses like Fontina DOP; wines like the Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle, Chambove, and Fumin and Genepy herb li...hover to read more
Travel Valle d'Aosta and its Cities Valle d'Aosta One city, the legendary Cordelia of the Celtic-Ligurian population, an important Roman settlement: Aosta. Then Saint-Vincent: spa, casino and the tourist resorts in Courmayeur, Cervinia, Cogne.
Shopping Aosta Shopping Valle d'Aosta From food and wine to craft products, everything speaks of the mountains. Cheeses from alpine pastures, liqueurs, carved wooden products, woodwork.
Travel Summer in Aosta Valley Valle d'Aosta The Aosta Valley (Valle d'Aosta in Italian) is not only worth visiting during the winter sports season; Italy's smallest and least populated region has much to offer in summer, including mountain biki...hover to read more
Travel Skiing in Aosta Valley Valle d'Aosta Ease of access and good value for money makes the Aosta Valley ski resorts perfect for a family ski holiday.
Food Fontina: Secrets Behind Fontina Cheese Valle d'Aosta One of the region's excellences: Fontina, a fully-flavoured cheese that is produced in an area where cows graze in mountain fields and eat hay produced from natural fields.
Travel Valle d'Aosta and its People Valle d'Aosta Games and conviviality combined with an effort towards tourism, the steel industry, technology and the green economy. Versatile and proud mountain people living in one of Europe's crossroads.
Travel Valle d'Aosta Sights and Images Valle d'Aosta
Arts Crafts of Valle d'Aosta Valle d'Aosta Craftsmanship is the heart of Aosta Valley. Ancient traditions handed down the generations that still survive intact, such as the production of the "grolla", the typical wooden cups symbolizing friend...hover to read more
Travel Aosta and its Ancient Roman History Valle d'Aosta A long journey through the ancient history of the Valle d'Aosta. Castles, ancient villages, Roman roads: every stone is a witness to time and the civilizations have left their mark.
Travel Aosta Valley Aerial View Valle d'Aosta In the Valle d'Aosta we find the highest peaks of the Alps like the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and the legendary Mont Blanc, the roof of Europe. Then Courmayeur, one of the most famous ski ...hover to read more

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