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The Puglia region in south eastern Italy is an enchanting travel destination due to its contact with various cultures over the years and their impact on the region. Be it cooking tours, beaches, or destinations, Puglia has something for everyone. Ã’tranto, an ancient city with Greek, Ottoman Turk, and ancient Roman influence, is located at the absolute land's end in the heel of Italy's boot. Lecce is often called the Florence of southern Italy due to its Renaissance architecture in charming city center. Alberobello and its conical structure intrigue visitors. Puglia is lovely region for traveling Italy slowly. For more about Southern Italy tours click here. For Adriatic cruises that include ports of call in Bari click here.
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Travel Cruise Bari Bari Bari is an unique cruise destination on the adriatic sea, the east coast of Italy in the heel of Italy's boot. Cruise Bari for a off the beaten path unique Italy destination vacation.
Arts Puglia Endless Treasures Puglia Puglia Endless Treasures tour Foggia, Andria, Bari, Barletta, Brindisi, and Lecce, journey to the cradle of European culture.
Travel Otranto Otranto Otranto is situated on the east coast of the Salento peninsula. The Strait of Otranto connects the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea.
Travel Trulli Structures Alberobello A Trullo structure is a cone-roofed house dating back to the 16th century made of limestone block and are now a draw for many on an Italy vacation.
Travel Italy Travel Puglia Puglia Italy travel to Puglia an Italian region rich in history and culture. An Italy vacation in Puglia offers much to do in the cities as well as on the water, making Puglia a wonderful region for Italy tr...hover to read more
Food Food of Puglia Puglia
Food Puglia Bella Olive Puglia Puglia, land of olive trees. The ancient farms tell the story of an agricultural past where the olive held the undisputed lead role, especially in the production of oil. Cerignola however, is the town...hover to read more
Travel Apulia and its Cities Puglia Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto are provinces' capitals which represent Apulia's fertility and variety, to which a sixth province was added in 2006. Three towns full of history: Andria, Barl...hover to read more
Travel Puglia Aerial Tour Puglia A flight over the fertile Puglia among stretches of olive groves, wheat fields and vineyards. The heel of Italy’s boot, stretching over eight hundred and sixty kilometers between the Ionian coa...hover to read more
Food Puglia Olive Oil, Bread, Pasta... Puglia 50 million olive trees, its durum wheat, its vineyards and its culinary specialities, Puglia is a culinary experience that delights all the senses.
Travel Puglia Nature Puglia Puglia has 3 Protected Marine Areas (Isole Tremiti, Torre Guaceto and Porto Cesareo). One of the nature itineraries most popular with tourists is the “Valle dei Giganti” (Giants’ Va...hover to read more
Arts Puglia Culture Puglia From Putignano's Carnival, to Melpignano's "Night of the Taranta", Bari's International Film Festival, historical processions... there is such a variety of events and initiatives organized by the Pugl...hover to read more
Arts Puglia People Puglia From the ancient Greeks and Romans, to the Stavi, Normans and Bourbons the Puglian's have been influenced by various cultures and peoples. Many famous people were born in Apulia, above all those in sh...hover to read more
Shopping Puglia Shopping Puglia The papier-mâché artists in Salento satisfy the expectations of nativity scene enthusiasts. The highly coloured original terracotta whistles all strictly hand-made in Rutignano. Besides the loca...hover to read more
Food Pane di Altamura (Altamura Bread) Altamura Pane di Altamura DOP-designated is a traditional Apulian bread product from the zone of the Murgia Altamura in the province of Bari. To get an idea as to how long and how much this bread has been part...hover to read more

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