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The region of Lombardy in Italy's northwest includes the fashionable city of Milan and the picturesque Lake Como, one of the Italian lakes known for its majesty and beauty. For Italy tours to Northern Italy click here.
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Channel Program City Description
Cooking Italian Cooking Show Pasta Recipe: Casoncelli Alla Camuna Lombardy Italian Cooking Show pasta recipe ravioli filled with pancetta, delicious pasta recipe for the Italian cooking show.
Travel Italy Travel Lombardy Lombardy Italy travel to Lombardy region of Milan and Lake Como, fashion and nature makes it the perfect destination for Italy travel.
Food El Timon Lombardy Lake Como El Timon pizzeria nice spot for pasta, grilled meats, and other authentic northern Italian food.
Travel Lake Como Ferry: Searching for George Clooney Lake Como Lake Como Ferry Go Round is what we call transportation by ferry on Lake Como. We started in Cadenabbia, where we stayed, back on the Lake Como Ferry to Bellagio, where we lunched & shopped, back on ...hover to read more
Food Visini Lake Como Visini
Food Bar Ariston Lake Como Bar Ariston in Como on Lake Como delicious destination for lunch
Shopping Milan Shopping and Sightseeing Milan Milan shopping and sightseeing by Basilica of San Lorenzo.
Food Milan - Caffe Si Trattoria Tavola Calda Milan A warm table in Milan's Lima neighborhood serving Milanese specialties.
Food Trattoria Aurora - Milan Milan Trattoria Aurora, via Savona 23, Milan, local neighborhood eatery serving fine Milanese food.
Arts Art and Architecture Lombardy
Sports Golfing in Lombardy Lombardy
Sports Outdoor Sport in Lombardy Lombardy
Sports Water Sports Lombardy Mountain lakes, hilltowns, fine food, and all the activities.
Travel Cremona: a short history. Cremona
Food Lombardy Food Lombardy
Travel Lombary Overview Lombardy
Travel Introduction to Music Cremona
Travel Cremona's nature Cremona
Travel Parco del Po Cremona Park in Cremona along the Po River.
Festivals Cremona Folklore Lombardy
Arts Last Supper Milan Learn about the history and meaning of the Last Supper, which depicts the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. Oil, tempera, fresco, 1495-98 (Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan). Created by Beth Harr...hover to read more
Travel Lombardy and its Cities Lombardy Lombardy is one of the most populated regions in Italy, as well as one of the four financial motors of Europe. Milan, its capital, is considered a world capital for fashion and design. As the financia...hover to read more
Travel Lombardy Aerial View Lombardy discover the beauty of a landscape dominated by waterways, rivers and especially by the important lake of Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo and Lake Garda. But it is also a land of important mountains, ...hover to read more
Travel Lombardy Culture Lombardy The Lombardy region has been populated since the neolithic age. During the time of the Roman Empire certain cities flourished along Lake Garda such as Desenzano and Sirmione. Here the remains of the �...hover to read more
Travel Monte Giorgio Fossil Museum Varese
Food Lombardy Foods Lombardy Lombardy. Man's ancient and deep connection to the land has permitted for the diversification of crops and the development of a wide variety of foods and wines.
Festivals Lombardy Experience Lombardy Culture and nature, fashion and design. Lombardy is a region that has something to offer in every season, living intense experiences. In February, Milan hosts fashion week, where it becomes the trendy...hover to read more
Shopping Lombardy Products Lombardy Tourists always find something original to buy in Lombardy. Obviously, Fashion and Design are popular items. However, there is also much to choose for the table including the classic panettone, torron...hover to read more
Travel Lombardy Nature Lombardy Stelvio National Park, the largest natural park in Italy, hosts the biggest variety of Alpine plant and animal species. Then there are the Adamello peaks, with their perennial snow, the Valtellina and...hover to read more
Travel Lombardy People Lombardy With true Lombardy pride, the Risorgimento patriot and philosopher, Carlo Cattaneo, wrote, “Without calling ourselves better than other populations, we stand up to comparison with any other as m...hover to read more
Travel Milan: Capital of Fashion and Innovation Milan Milan, a city of ancient Roman origins, today it is the most modern and avant-garde city in Italy. The economic, financial, and technological capital. And by no means lacking in food and fun. The city...hover to read more
Travel Milan Aerial Tour Milan
Arts Mantegna Dead Christ Milan Located at the Brera Museum in Milan Mantegna's Dead Christ is extreme perspective of the Dead Christ
Arts La Scala Opera House Milan La Scala Opera House (Teatro all Scala) is the heart and soul of Milan. It is not only a place where opera is performed. it is also the social center of the city.
Travel Milan: How to spend one day sightseeing Milan One day of sightseeing in Milan
Travel Milan City Guide Milan For more about Milan sightseeing visit ItalianTourism.us Milan Sightseeing page.
Travel 36 Hours in Milan Milan For more about Milan sightseeing visit ItalianTourism.us Milan Sightseeing page.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Fendi 2018 Milan Milan Fashion week runway show video Italian fashion designer Fendi.
Travel Italy Travel Bellagio Bellagio Italy Travel Bellagio on Lake Como is the original Lake Como destination for an Italy vacation and today is a beautiful resort for Italy travel.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Prada 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Italian designer Prada.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Moschino 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Italian designer Moschino.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Missoni 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Italian designer Missoni.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Max Mara 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Italian designer fashion Max Mara.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Dolce & Gabbana 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Dolce & Gabbana.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Versace 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Italian designer Versace.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Gucci 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show Italian designer Gucci.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Cavalli 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show Cavalli.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Ferragamo 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Italian designer Ferragamo.
Fashion Milan Fashion Week: Armani 2018 Milan Milan Fashion Week runway show video Italian designer Armani.
Travel Duomo di Milan Milan Piazza Duomo Milan is the center of Milan centro storico. For more about Milan sightseeing and trips to Northern Italy visit ItalianTourism.us Milan Duomo.
Travel City of Varese Varese

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